The Word Of God Endures Eternally

There are many different takes on the Word of God today. Many different doctrines tend to undermine the purpose of the Word, breeding doubt regarding its authenticity and truth, but if your are steadfast in your faith, none will succeed. When a person has first accepted Christ as their personal Savior, it is simple to teach them that the Bible is, in fact, the Word of our sovereign God, and that it is perfect in its teachings and purpose. This is likely because it was the truth of the Word that led them to accept Christ’s sacrifice in the first place. After all, were it not true, how can they truly experience salvation?

However, throughout the passage of our lifetime, we will meet many people who will readily challenge the word of God. Non-believers who teach in our schools and colleges will ridicule the book and preach alternatives in the quest to sound knowledgeable. We can expect such behavior from one, who is lost, but the believers among us should be on their guard, after all we have found the Lord and we have embraced his teachings.

Sadly, a percentage of young students who attend Christian schools and universities will fare little better. Some learned people who refer to themselves as bible teachers will endeavor to shake other people’s faith by stating that the original word of God means something quite different. The same teachers will insist that other phrases offer a better translation, in other words, they feel their word is God. However, in reality, such talk is foreign to the Apostles and other leading bible characters. They boldly proclaim that the word of God is good and confidently say “Thus said the Lord”.

Read Psalm 12:6-7 to find the main reason for their confidence. The words in the psalm clearly state that the Lords words are pure. Note the psalm doesn’t talk about the Word of God in general, it means exactly what it says, the Lords words are truthful and they will be preserved forever.

It truly does not matter what period of history we live in, we will always be able to have access to the “words” of God. Please take heart, when some supposed bible teacher tries to shake your confidence in the bible and specifically in the words contained within. God has promised that He will preserve His words, and that you always have the chance to get a hold of them. You can trust your bible because of this promise, understanding that the actual words themselves and not just the message are preserved.

It is important to remember that the words of the bible were derived from the Holy Spirit, a divine being who works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. The Holy Spirit worked tirelessly to convert people and introduce them to Christ. Read through Jeremiah 1:1, a heart-warming scripture concerning the word of God’s steadfastness, reliability and trustworthiness. Read these great words and note God clearly states that he is watching over us to see that his word is fulfilled.

If you are a believer in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior, you should be aware of the fact that, the Bible is the word of God revealed to men by the Holy Spirit. The purpose of that word is to help us know who God is and how we can live a life pleasing to him trough holiness. Because the word is both true and infallible, we can put our faith in God alone.


The Word Of God Endures Eternally

Let’s Place Our Trust Into God Alone

First, we’re made by God in order for us to depend on Him as our source of life. Nevertheless, we’re living in such a wicked and vile world in which sin is running wild in every aspect of society.

This results man to become more prone to be ensnared in the trap of the devil by imprinting that false belief in their minds that they can live without having God in their lives. That’s nothing more than a lie from the pit of hell.

Sadly, many individuals have purposely chosen to live their lives just as Satan wants them to do so.

The truth is that people can be so deceived to the point they don’t feel like having Christ in their lives is an absolute necessity.

Nonetheless, they’ll will eventually get into a highly desperate situation where they’ll surely realize that not having Him in their lives is the worst mistake that they could have ever made.

On the other hand, living for Jesus is a choice that’s perfectly worth it in this life and the one which is to come.

To put that within context, just as an electrical component needs to be plugged to a power supply to enablible it to carry out its tasks, so are we.

We’re made in such a way that allows us to have a relationship with our maker, unlike other creations. God is known as the source of our whole being; therefore, the only way that the life we have can be sustained and maintained properly is through an intimate relationship with Him.

Unfortunately, people’s conception of life from a humanistic perspective is very shallow. However, from a biblical perspective, life goes way beyond our human comprehension.

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Let’s Place Our Trust Into God Alone